Sausages & Bacon

Nelsons are famous for our sausages! Our range includes Lincolnshire and Rutland varieties.

Nelsons Lincolnshire sausage is a premium butchers sausage made in Stamford. They have at least 75% meat content and are renowned locally for their flavour and taste. It is a distinct variety of pork sausage characterised by coarsely ground Cambridgeshire pork, mixed with bread Rusk to give an open texture when cooked, and the seasoning has a predominant sage flavour. Our unique Rutland sausage is preferred by many for its higher meat content and no additives. We also have an award-winning Gluten Free Sausage available for coeliac.

Our dry cure back bacon is made on the premises from English pork and has been a Gold Award winner at the Lincolnshire Poacher Competition.

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